love the simplicity and the dreamy feel.

New track from Forever Forrest and I love it! :)

Love film clips related to this sort of scene, the vibe is very atmospheric. Here is another Zoo Brazil track and film clip. 

Another hot Zoo Brazil track ‘Give Myself’ ft Ursula Rucker. The basslines are silky and unbearable! The beat is very safari-like. 


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'Hearts A Legend' by Zoo Brazil, I love love this song. The lyrics are really connecting and there is a slight concept behind this production I feel. Found this from a Dermablend video on Youtube and then found the track name. 

Purchase on iTunes from the album ‘Any Moment Now’:

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Electrifying in a magical sense. Only just heard of this beauty by Wynter Gordon. 

Released in 2013. 

See a live performance here:

Like her page on FB!

And Wynter’s web:


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I feel free listening and watching this wonderful, theraputic video. This is ‘Stimela’. 

Will be beyond sure I keep an eye and ear out for these guys! Very impressed by this song in particular. 


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Would you agree, most of the greatest tracks are often found through soundtracks of television shows and movies. This is such a beautiful melodic piece I just found. By an unheard artist, Sara Jackson-Holman, ‘Freight Train’. 

Thought i’d post since it’s been quite a while..

In the darkness before the dawn

In the swirling of the storm
When I’m rolling with the punches and hope is gone
Leave a light a light on”.

Such euphonic sounds created by Coldplay recently. Loving this one! From the album ‘Ghost Stories’, track released on 


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i really love this film clip!

Shura - Touch